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Video and Telephone Counselling Services

During the coronavirus crisis all of my sessions were available exclusively by ZOOM video Sessions – Skype video Sessions or Telephone (Telehealth). I have over 8 years experience in working in this method both within UK but also providing counselling sessions to many people across the world. During the lockdown period of 2020 and 2021 voluntarily took part in around 40 hours of additional training relating specifically to video and telephone counselling through the coronavirus crisis period to ensure I can provide you with in the the most optimum care. I have provided Telehealth sessions For many years as our personal circumstances can often make it difficult to attend counselling sessions in person regularly. This may be due to child care, shift work or your geographical location, for this reason I offer Telephone and SKYPE Counselling and have had clients from around the UK and in many locations around the World. To give you extra confidence that we can work together well I offer a free 15 minute session where you get the chance to see what I’m like to work with and to answer any questions you have. Likewise I will ask some questions beforehand or just after to ensure that we can work safely together. To book an appointment please contact me or alternatively you can book online below. Book Now Contact Me