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Using Crystals in Counselling


I occasionally use Crystals in sesseions, but only with you participation, to help you describe and think about, complex feelings or family dynamics.

I only use crystals when I feel it will benefit the client. However, if you feel this is a Method you would like to work in, I would be happy to use this method with you to explore your situation or self. I have included some more detailed information on the use of Crystals in Psychotherapy if this interests you, below.

Whatever your beliefs are on the science of if crystals work in healing without psychoanalytic intervention – It does seem a place can be found for crystals within the therapy room as a bridge to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

There is a growing weight of opinion that nature deprivation is cause for increased stress anxiety and depression in modern society – Crystals can help link us to nature and the earth from which we were both born.

Some people find the presence of crystals in the room can help sooth and calm them, further to this others can find, with the counsellors help, that using Crystals as a tool to help describe yourself or the situation you are in. This can give you the opportunity to momentarily distance yourself from the situation. In doing so this can help ground intense feelings and intrusive thoughts that may cloud the view of a situation, allowing a look at emotions and situations more clearly through through a different angle of perspective.  .

Crystals can when handled be linked to new positive thought processes and memories and create a contact between therapist and client within therapy sessions, thus encouraging dialogue and deepening the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client through both in depth understanding and empathy.